Once you have contacted us, spoken with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives, and decided what type of system and accessories would be best for you, a licensed installer will come to your home and install the your new security system.
This is the vicious triangle. If all of three corners are present, you are in trouble. But now, with a Homeland Security system, you have eliminated one corner – Opportunity. Without opportunity, thieves do not have a chance – your security system will not only help save your life and those you care about, but will deter potential burglars from stealing your possessions.
Even though you have your system installed and armed, you can’t guarantee that a burglary will not occur. However, you can be assured that you will be ready if one does. Let’s say your house is broken into, a fire starts, or a family member (with a medical pendant) falls down. Click next to see how Alarm Central Station would react.
Once one of the previously mentioned events happens, an alarm sounds at the Central Station. At the monitoring facility, a highly trained dispatcher will communicate with your house (or notify the proper authorities immediately, depending on the type of alarm received). Their computer monitor (simulated screen shot from Central Station above) will tell them exactly which zone went off – a window sensor, a heat detector, or medical pendant, etc. If you have a two-way voice communication system enabled (this will work only after an alarm is sounded), the dispatcher will ask you what is happening. This will ensure that you get precisely the help you need and protect against false alarms. Once the dispatcher – who is trained for virtually any crisis – has evaluated the situation, he or she will contact the proper authorities and ensure help is on the way!
Almost immediately after the situation, the dispatcher has sent the correct help your way, and tragedy has been averted. Thanks to your new Homeland Security System.